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Cold and Bitter Tears: The Songs of Ted Hawkins


James McMurtry on opening for Ted Hawkins: “I was touring the Candyland record and got to open for Ted Hawkins at a place called Largo on Fairfax in L.A. I came in and it turned out it was a transvestite birthday party. I was the opening act at a transvestite birthday party. I was young the sound was kind of weird and I wasn't real happy with my performance and then Ted came in. The first thing out of his mouth was, 'Is everybody having a good time?' He smiled real big. It was like the sun came up over his head. I've never seen anybody do that.” Cold and Bitter Tears: The Songs of Ted Hawkins, released late last fall on Eight 30 Records, marks the first tribute album to the soulful Venice Beach street performer, a legend overseas later in his lifetime but a songwriter largely overlooked in the United States. Hawkins simply sang like songs were stamped on his heart at birth. Evidence: High watermarks on the new record such as “Big Things” (James McMurtry), “Cold and Bitter Tears” (Kasey Chambers), “Sorry You’re Sick” (Mary Gauthier), “Who Got My Natural Comb” (Shinyribs) and several other classics. Hawkins himself backs the point with the album’s hidden track, the moving unreleased demo “Great New Year.” Track List: “Big Things” • James McMurtry “Cold and Bitter Tears” • Kasey Chambers and Bill Chambers “One Hundred Miles” • Tim Easton “Sorry You’re Sick” • Mary Gauthier “Strange Conversation” • Jon Dee Graham “Happy Hour” • Sunny Sweeney “I Got What I Wanted” • Randy Weeks “Baby” • Tina-Michelle Fowler with Elizabeth Hawkins “I Gave Up All I Had” • Gurf Morlix “Bad Dog” • Danny Barnes “Bring It on Home Daddy” • The Damnations “My Last Goodbye” • Ramsay Midwood “Who Got My Natural Comb” • Shinyribs “Whole Lotta Women” • Steve James “Peace and Happiness” • Even Felker

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-Cold and Bitter Tears - The Songs of Ted Hawkins

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